The Lost Boy and the Treasure

Amidst the clouds, a boy and his mother sat on board a plane that was moments away from taking a turn for the worst. Wayne and his mother were destined for a week-long vacation, escaping the world for a week to enjoy some time of peace and fun. Wayne was a passionate and curious young man, he always desired to live his life to the fullest. He was always intrigued by new things and new ideas, Wayne always thought that there was so much more to the meaning of life but he never exactly knew what the “much more” was. Wayne was hoping that this week-long trip with his mother would provide some answers. He was looking forward to sitting by the beach and pondering the meaning of life as the waves crashed against the shore and the cool sea breeze brushed against his face. Everything Wayne was waiting and hoping for was within reach…and then his life was turned upside down. In the weeks that followed Wayne would learn much more about life than he could have ever imagined. Wayne could never fathom a life without his mother; little did he know that losing his mother could be the beginning of gaining the very thing his soul longed for. Wayne was an ordinary boy with an extraordinary desire to be a part of something greater than himself.

    The plane ride became very turbulent and the flight attendants began to instruct everyone to stay in their seats and remain calm. The plane was malfunctioning now and seemed to be losing control; this was a much bigger problem than some turbulent air. The pilot began instructing everyone to prepare for an emergency landing as the plane began heading full force towards the ground. Wayne and his mother held tight to one another and began to pray. They did not have a close relationship with God but at this moment they were pleading for their lives. Moments later the plane impacted the ground at a high rate of speed…black…everything was black.

    When Wayne opened his eyes he saw the plane he once sat in yards away, enthroned in flames. It was a miracle that Wayne was left with only cuts and bruises. He ran towards the plane screaming for his mother over and over again but he heard nothing. Eventually, he found his mothers lifeless body upon the rubble and he broke down in tears asking “why?” over and over again. His best friend, his mother was gone, lying lifeless before his eyes. Wayne would now be challenged from this day forward to live a life without his mother, a life he could have never imagined having to live. Days passed and Wayne continued to grieve the loss of his mother. He would wonder miles deep into the unknown island that he was now stranded on. Miles into the island he found a small town where there were men, and women and families. A sigh of relief came from within Wayne as he had a new hope for life inside him. He was in need of food, and water, and most importantly love. Wayne had been lost for days and he so desperately desired to be found.

    The first man that Wayne met on the island was very kind to him. This man’s name was Evangelist. Evangelist was a loving and caring man; he took Wayne into his home and gave him food and drink. He told him that he could stay as long as he needed. The boy and the man shared stories back and forth for hours. Wayne shared about his loss and was comforted by his new friend. He shared about his childhood and how he was always a curious boy who wanted to know the meaning of life. Evangelist began to tell Wayne about a treasure at the center of the island. This treasure was everything a man could ever need and so much more. He told him that this treasure could provide him with comfort, peace, joy, love and so much more. This treasure was worth far more than what Wayne had lost. After the loss of his mother Wayne was willing to try anything to heal his heart and find peace once again. Evangelist gave Wayne a book, he instructed him that this book would lead him closer to the treasure at the center of the island and the book would give him instruction on how to live as he grew closer to the treasure. Wayne took this gift and thanked the man for his time and love, and then he set out to find the treasure. Wayne began reading the book and it changed his life. Every day was a new adventure and the more he read the book, the closer he got to the treasure and the more peace and joy fell upon him. Several towns away now Wayne decided to stop to stay for the night. This town was not as friendly and comforting as the first town that Wayne had stopped in. Wayne was getting closer to finding the treasure and he began to feel the healing of his heart. Little did he know, he was about to take what would appear to be two steps forward and three steps backward. He met many different individuals during his short stay in the town called Sin. In this town, he met Greed, and Pride, Lust and anger, fear and doubt. All of these men appeared want what was best for Wayne but Wayne as a smart and curious young man quickly realized this was not the case. He stayed in the town for a few days and faced tension and struggle with these men before finally deciding that he needed to upon up his book and begins onward towards the treasure again.

    As Wayne drew closer to the treasure he found a place a few towns over called the church. The church was a wonderful place filled with encouragers and loving individuals. In the church, Wayne met another man named Accountability. Accountability befriended Wayne. The shared stories of their lives and they encouraged, laughed and cried with one another. After Wayne decided it was time to leave the town Accountability decided that he would join Wayne on his journey closer to the treasure. The next morning the men started their day by reading the Wayne had memories of the horrible men that he met several weeks earlier. These men began to pop back into his mind and attempt to draw him off course and further away from the treasure. This time was different though. Wayne now had his friend Accountability there to steer him back on course and remind him of the purpose of their journey together. During the coming weeks the two men faced numerous trials together, these trials would set them back a few days but every day following the trials the men seemed to get back on course stronger and more determined than ever. The closer the men got to the center of the island the more tension and resistance they felt. They met more difficult people and had stronger temptations that they helped one another resist. The days seemed the darkest right before the dawn. Wayne and his friend knew they were getting closer than ever before to the center of the island and the treasure.

    Finally, after a long journey, the men arrived at the center of the island and found the treasure chest. Written on the chest were these two words, “Jehovah Jireh.” The men could not open the treasure so they continued to read the book of instruction they were given. The book instructed them that the chest could not be opened until the end of days but that they could meditate upon the chest, pray the treasure into their lives and surrender their own selfish ways. If they did this they could take the treasure with them wherever they went. The men felt peace, joy, love, and hope life never before and they decided they wanted to bring this treasure and these feelings with them wherever they traveled. Wayne was so inspired by the treasure he found and the miracle that his heart was healed of his grief and sorrow that he wanted to tell the whole island about the treasure. 

Wayne decided from that day forward that he was going to take his treasure and his book with him everywhere he went, and he was going to share his treasure with everyone he met. Accountability continued to travel with him and together they called themselves “Disciples” they decided to dedicate their lives to sharing this good treasure with everyone they could.

    Years began to past by and Wayne continued to grow older and wiser. In time Wayne met a girl on the island from one of the churches he stopped by on his journey to share his treasure. Her name was Love and she was the most beautiful woman that Wayne had ever seen. They began to talk and share stories. They shared a strong love for the treasure that they both carried within their hearts. They later fell in love and decided to get married. They knew that getting married they would be able to share the treasure with more people all over the island. Wayne had found his very best friend and a woman who encouraged him every day to be the best man he could be. Occasionally Wayne thought about that time long ago when he lost his mother and seemed to lose all hope, but now he was constantly reminded of all that he has been given and the treasure that he holds dear to his heart. Every trial gave him more love and more wisdom. Wayne and Love couldn’t get enough of Jehovah Jireh and they decided that they would start a church that would invite people from all over the island to come and experience the treasure they each loved so dearly. Wayne and Love were married for many; many years and they serve and cared for others all along the way. They rose up a family that dedicated their lives to sharing the treasure with everyone they met. They faced many trials and many triumphs but all along the way they never took for granted the treasure they had within them. Wayne was a lost boy in search of the meaning of life. In the end, Wayne found a treasure that was worth everything. He realized that sometimes you must get lost in order to be found. He never really knew if he found the treasure or if the treasure found him but every day he was thankful for the treasure that now lived within him.