Have you walked into a church, or another environment full of Christians and thought, “Wow I really don’t fit in here”, or “These people have it all together and my life is just a mess!?” If you have I assure you that you are not alone, many people feel this way everyday. The truth is that having a relationship with God and going to church is even more critical for those of us who are broken or struggling. Many people in society today have this illusion that church is a place where everyone has it together and no one is going through any major struggles. This illusion is just that…an illusion and it couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of us will come across hypocritical Christians who like to pretend everything is perfect. Many people live a life that is similar to a Facebook page that shares nothing but good news.. We post all of our victory and triumph but we never share our struggle, depression, or weakness. I believe Church is a place where NO PERFECT PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED! Quite frankly if you believe that you are perfect or have it all together then you are doing everything wrong. We are ALL broken and in need of a Lord and Savior. Accepting Jesus into our hearts doesn’t make life easier, it doesn’t make things perfect. Having Jesus in our lives does mean that we don’t have to struggle alone, having him in our hearts means that we have a Savior who was tempted like we are tempted and struggled that way we struggle and that is a simply beautiful truth. Jesus invites ALL the poor and powerless and ALL the lost and lonely into a relationship with him. Amazing doors will begin to open up when we push our pride aside and admit that we are struggling. Look around and realize that every smile has a story of pain underneath it. Every life has ups and downs and NO ONE “has it all together.” Next time you are feeling like the odd man/women out remember that our imperfections are what make us beautiful. We are all children of God and he wants to take us as we are. Nothing more and Nothing left. I used to think that I needed to have my life “on fleek” before I could come to Jesus and develop a relationship, then I realized if I wait for that time my whole life would slip by and I could have never gotten to know how amazing that relationship with Jesus could be. Remember that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in the eyes of the Lord. No one should feel left out, no one should feel ashamed, and no one should make the mistake of thinking they are not good enough to have a relationship with God. Jesus died on the cross so that we could bring all of our imperfections to God and he could make us whole. Please comment with feedback or any prayer request but please remember, NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED!

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